Come Alive: Changing The Way You Experience Life

Come Alive: Changing The Way You Experience Life
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A while ago, I used to feel an overwhelming connection with Mother Earth, and I was extremely grateful for that. Then, maybe because of lots of work and gaps in my yoga practices, somewhere this intensity died down. Could you please explain what happened?

Sadhguru: No matter what comes into your life, even if it is the highest level of Grace, if you take it for granted, it will not just weaken but vanish after some time, in your experience. This is happening to people all the time, right from their birth. Look at yourself or anyone else around you - are they experiencing the bounty of what life is offering all the time? How many people are experiencing all that is beautiful around them? The air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat - how many of you are truly enjoying it?

People think there is some greater purpose to life. They are on a mission of their own.Those who think they have a mission other than life itself are the kind of people who take up "God's work" and fight with the rest of the world, because other things have become more important to them than life. They are capable of doing terrible things because of what they believe in or what they think is more important than life itself. Terrorist attacks are dastardly expressions of that, but in some way, every human being is doing it. They may not be doing it to other lives, but they are doing terrible things to their own life. They do not really experience life.

For a whole lot of people, life is not only burdensome - it could be miserable or torturous. Not because someone is torturing them physically, but because they think they have something else to do on this planet, other than living. I am not talking about being alive in a medical sense, but being truly alive and in tune with everything.

Being alive to everything in existence is your only business. If you stay really alive to everything, you will know the bounty of this planet, you will know the beauty of the sky, you will know what is beyond - everything will be within your perception.

If you think you have something more important to do than being alive, death will happen. You may not be dead in a medical sense, but you are dead to everything around you. If you have moved from life to death, it is time to get back to life. Death will come anyway - don't hurry it up.

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