Come and be a part of one of the largest techno-management festivals.

TECHNICHE is the annual techno-management festival of IIT Guwahati, India. It organises a series of events and various social initiatives to inspire youth.

<em>Creatives, Techniche’16, IIT Guwahati</em>
Creatives, Techniche’16, IIT Guwahati

Just scrolling through the newspaper as always, fancy taking a walk today? How about we, mere words, take you through a walk through this land of lakes and greens, in the far north-east of India, encompassed by the mighty river Brahmaputra on one, and hills on the other. The auburn withering fall and the awaited returning monsoon for the perched soil of September sounds nice, eh? Oh com’on, let’s start walking.

As we amble past through the gate, that reads, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, stop and know, the best brains of a billion population country work tirelessly to enter it. Seems like we chose a good time. Techniche, their annual techno-management festival is just around the corner. With a footfall of around 50 thousand, the campus and its streets are bound to be bustling soon.

Let’s check out this huge auditorium in the middle of the academic complex. Sit back on these velvet chairs, and imagine hearing ambitions and dreams echo, as the very best of their field will deliver keynotes during the Lecture Series. As students and faculty alike, flock this auditorium, conversations that can shape the future are a given. A bargain of ideas, you wouldn’t want to miss.

Retreat to the maze of stone-laden paths with red blooms, and you will take in the decorated exhibition views. From origami to magnificent display of Indian army, this has had it all. Keep walking, we have a lot to cover. The lush green grounds you see on your right, these will soon be sprinkling with the dandelions of ideas and creativity. The TechExpo, is where students present their projects in all fields. It is only when they present to such a diverse audience, that the very best potential filters out.

Oh be so careful, while you wander around these curves, as one of the dawns before the fest, thousands run to be a part of Guwahati Half Marathon. They run, bound by an ambition, to lead a better tomorrow. You too can put on your running shoes, and join them as they run for a tobacco-free India this time.

This glass building, the student activity center, might catch your attention. Do not mind some of the paint-splotched floors. Done by the little kiddos, when they painted and laughed their hearts out as part of Muskaan, an initiative to fill with joy the lives of less privileged. If we were here a few months back, actually any month whatsoever, we could have attended one of those meetings where students discuss and update each other of their work. They work year long to pull together this four-day technical extravaganza.

The tables are stacked with thousands of answer sheets of Technothlon, the largest exam conducted for school students by any student fraternity. This is where they reach out to the entire nation. Questions that can ransack your brains, and team spirit that can move mountains, you possibly cannot miss out the passion of the kids and their yearning to discover and learn.

Hey where did you go? Aah, you couldn’t help yourself but get down and working as part of the workshops. These workshops provide hands-on experience to its participants on fields ranging from Arduino to Hacking.

Those suited-booted kids do stand out as a contrast to the casual autumn. Must be the delegates of Model United Nations. One of the biggest in the north eastern part of India, their diplomacy and delegating skills will fill you with hopes for a brighter future and world peace. Or maybe they are the aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their ideas in the corporate module. You might want to drop in if you have a few bucks to invest in a startup.

Those lakes are splendid, aren’t they? Just a few months back you could have seen the reflection of hundreds of flying lanterns lit up on the occasion of Diwali, as they celebrated the symbolic victory of good over bad. Very soon, the sun will set. Under the umbrella of Pragati, they have adopted the nearby village and it’s street will light up with the makeshift lamps they taught the villagers to make. Nothing lights up their hearts, as those street lamps do.

Let’s go sit on the sand by the river. All this walking must have left you tired. The sun has painted the river red and yellow and golden. As the ferry returns, you can see a few proud silhouettes of students walk by. They spent their day, in the remote villages, urging people to vote. The Wake Up and Vote Campaign, covered over 15 villages and helped around 1500 people to get their voter ids.

We would have had to head back to the campus if it were Techniche, for I would not be able to put into words for you, the fiesta that takes place every night after a long day of work. You need to hold on to your place and be ready to be amazed as technology takes you through the world of entertainment. Dig deep into the food you got by the stalls, or sing along the crowds in the Pro-nights, whatever you feel like.

But right now I can leave you sitting here a little longer as reminisce this walk and see the river and hills play with the setting sun. This was quite a walk. Oh dear, you do not seem to be yet done with it. Well this was all we, meagre words could offer you, why don’t you go yourself and see?

Have a look at the Techniche 2016, First Look and the previous edition highlights.

This post is originally written by Chhavi Srivastava. You can read more from her by clicking here.

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