'Come Live With Me': Jonathan Mann Creates Amazing Roommate Ad In Song (VIDEO)

Jonathan Mann needs a roommate. But rather than settling for just a Craigslist ad, the Brooklyn-based musician and songwriter created something far more entertaining to entice potential renters.

Showing viewers around his Williamsburg neighborhood in a recent Youtube video titled "Come Live With Me In Brooklyn," Mann sings his apartment's praises (literally) and describes the details of the room for rent.

"Here is the room. It's 11 by 9. It's got this closet. And it's bigger than mine," Mann sings in the video. "Come live with me. I need a roommate. Come live with me. This place is awesome."

The roommate ad is part of Mann's song-a-day collection, in which Mann writes, records and posts one whimsical song about his daily life every day and uploads the video to his Youtube channel, Rock Cookie Bottom.

Mann made headlines in December when another one of his videos, "We've Got To Break Up," went viral. In the breakup song, Mann and Ivory King, his former girlfriend of five years, explain to friends and family why they've decided to call it quits.

To date, Mann has written and posted one video per day, consecutively, for the past 1,496 days -- more than four years.

Mann started the project in January 2009, inspired by a flier he saw for a daily art project called Fun-a-Day, he told Musician Coaching in a 2011 Q&A. After the month passed, Mann decided to continue the daily hobby since he was having so much fun. He later launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund "Song A Day: The Album," which was released on Sept. 28, 2011 in honor of his 1,000th daily song.

Watch Mann's roommate ad in the video above, or see his more detailed ad for the Williamsburg apartment on Craigslist.