Flawless Comebacks To Those Annoying Sexist Comments

Flawless Comebacks To Those Annoying Sexist Comments

Some of the best comebacks come to us days after the dig. But Claire Ayoub's arsenal of witty comebacks has us well-prepared for the next hater that comes along.

In her new web series "A Series Of Comebacks," Ayoub offers hilarious responses to sexist comments women hear so often. The comedy writer and actor touches on all types of everyday sexism women experience at work, with friends and in relationships.

From the stereotype that women can't drive as well as men to the social pressure for all women to have children -- Ayoub's comebacks are seriously witty. Check out some of our favorites below.

Ayoub's suggested response to people who say "You look tired":
Ayoub on what to say when someone says you should "know your place":
And, of course, how to respond when someone says "You would look so pretty if you lost weight!":

"Whether it’s about our looks, weight, job, gender, life choices or attitude, our friends, family, co-workers and even strangers feel like they have the right to comment," Ayoub told Ms. Magazine. "The worst part is when these people think their words are helpful, such as, ‘You’d be so pretty if you lost weight.’ Comments like that are so easy to internalize and we repeat them to ourselves over and over until we begin to think they’re true."

Head over to YouTube to check out the rest of the episodes in Ayoub's series.

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