Comedian Breaks Down The Hilarious Struggles Of A Latino Thanksgiving

You're not on the menu, but you'll still get roasted.

Gratitude, good food and loved ones may be the cornerstone of Thanksgiving but the dishes on the table and the tone of the gathering is certainly different for everyone. And for many Latinos, there are certain struggles that we’ve come to expect during the holiday.  

In the latest episode of Flama’s “I’m Sorry Con Excuse Me!?,” comedian Carlos Alberto Fariñas Salas Garcia Mota Pino Martinez breaks down the types of challenges Latinos face during a “Sansgiving” celebration. 

Whether it’s having to personally greet every family member when you arrive or being criticized by your aunts and uncles for how you look or the life choices you’ve made, there’s never a dull moment. 

Abuela and tia are going to be saying ‘Ay mi’jo, eat more, you’re so thin’,” the comedian says in Spanglish. “’Or if you’re a girl. ‘Ay niña, stop eating you’re cheeks are so big...’ Are you kidding me? Leave us alone.” 

Sounds about right. 

Watch the full video above.