Comedian Explains The Pandemic To Her Bewildered Self From January

In a funny YouTube video, Julie Nolke teaches her past self what a difference a few months can make.

Back in January, comedian Julie Nolke felt certain that the Australian wildfires would be the defining event of this year. She also looked forward to traveling for work.

But then, present-day Nolke decided to visit her past self in order to set her straight.

In a comic flight of fancy that has climbed the YouTube charts, present-day Nolke hints to Nolke of the past how much the world has changed without directly mentioning the coronavirus pandemic. She also offers a few helpful tips for how to deal with being in quarantine.

A Costco run and a heavy investment in Zoom may not have been on past Nolke’s to-do list, but they sure as hell better be now.

Watch the full video above.

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