Comedian Posts Refreshingly Wholesome Videos To Pornhub That Poke Fun At Porn

Ryan Creamer posts wholesome, viral gems like, “I Encourage You As You Continue Searching for the Right Video to Cum to.”
Ryan Creamer blowing a kiss in “I Blow You a Platonic Kiss.”
Ryan Creamer blowing a kiss in “I Blow You a Platonic Kiss.”
Screenshot from Ryan Creamer’s Pornhub account

Amid the sea of threesome, cuckold and MILF videos available on Pornhub, one fully dressed man has quietly created an oasis of pure, wholesome content — and people absolutely love it.

In fact, it’s gone viral.

Ryan Creamer (yes, his real, legal name) creates and uploads videos to the pornography-sharing site that aren’t pornographic at all. In fact, with titles like “I Deliver You a Pizza and Don’t Put My Weiner in It” and “I Encourage You As You Continue Searching for the Right Video to Cum to” the 26-year-old College Humor writer and comedian not only pokes fun at porn but also creates somewhat of a virtual palate cleanser for users who stumble upon his account, and it’s straight-up delightful.

Creamer told HuffPost that the idea came to him in October while he was, well, doing what most people do on the site.

“I was on Pornhub watching porn and scrolled down to the bottom to see a tab that said, ‘Work with us,’” Creamer said. “I thought the idea of me personally working for Pornhub was funny, so I clicked it and saw the model program they had.”

Soon after, Creamer’s account was verified and he began making videos, starting with “I Tuck You in After You Have Cum” in which Creamer, decked out in a Mr. Rogers-esque sweater and tie, sweetly throws a sheet and blanket toward the camera before kissing it goodnight.

“I thought it was funny to make a video that people would go to after watching another video [and have it be one that] understood why you were there and wanted to support you,” he told HuffPost.

After he posted about a few of his videos on Twitter, it didn’t take long for other people to find the humor in it as well.

Encouraged, Creamer began to make even more videos.

“I try to think of porn tropes that can be subverted or wholesomeified,” Creamer told HuffPost. “But I’m not too scientific about it. If it fits the premise and makes me laugh, I trust my comedic sensibilities at this point.”

Creamer’s little nuggets of joy also began to get shared on Reddit pages, like r/pornhubcomments and r/wholesomememes, which resulted in some of his videos, like “I Hug You and Say I Had a Really Good Time Tonight and Then I Go Home” and “I, Your Step Brother, Decline Your Advances But Am Flattered Nonetheless” receiving hundreds of thousands of views, and some lovely comments:

A sampling of comments on Creamer's videos.
A sampling of comments on Creamer's videos.
Screenshot via Pornhub

He’s also received a lot of interesting responses from viewers, including “teenagers in like the Ukraine trying to sell me bitcoin” and people “saying how nice it is and what a joy the videos are and am I single? … [It’s] always how I expected I would meet my wife.”

Pornhub also seems pretty OK with Creamer’s content as well, despite its gentle mockery.

“Ryan’s content has been very well received by our community,” a spokesperson for Pornhub told HuffPost. “And we encourage artists and creators alike to consider our platform to get their work out into the world.”

Pornhub even sent him jacket with his name on it, which led to another video featuring it.

“Normally you need to get like 500k subscribers or something, but they love my videos so they just sent me one,” he said.

As for Creamer himself, he seems to be keenly aware of why his videos have been embraced.

“I think it’s just nice — having something that is just nice is nice every once in a while,” he told HuffPost.

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