Comedian Plays 'Price Is Right' On Shrooms: 'Skateboard Rabbi' Josh Androsky Gets High, Spins The Big Wheel (VIDEO)

Maybe "The Price Is Right" isn't the hardest game in the world, but if we had to spin a giant wheel with numbers all over it, we certainly wouldn't want to be tripping at the same time. Not so for comedian and "skateboard rabbi" Josh Androsky. He and his Los Angeles comedy pals got drunk, took shrooms and marched right down to "The Price Is Right" audience and waited for one of their names to be called.

Fortunately, for Mr. Androsky, it was his. We're not sure if Drew Carey knew exactly what was going on with "Big Poppa," but he's clearly amused.

Check out Androsky's hilarious appearance on the show above and marvel at his winning $1 strategy. You shouldn't shroom and price, but if you've got to, you couldn't do it much better than this.



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