Comedian Sam Hyde Pranks TED Talks With Nonsense Buzzword Speech

We like where your heart is, TED Talks. We really do. But even the most devoted fan of your brand, which produces lectures that mix scientific and philosophical ideas to help Make You A Better You, can get tiresome.

Enter comedian Sam Hyde, who gave a TED Talk composed almost entirely of meaningless phrases that, to the casual listener, could actually pass for a real TED Talk.

At a TEDx program at Drexel University last weekend, Hyde presented a 20-minute speech with no discernible point, and it was pretty fantastically entertaining. After being introduced as "a video journalist and documentary filmmaker from Brooklyn" who just returned from "Mogadishu, the most dangerous city on earth, where he shadowed the heroic al-Mahamud women on their quest to clean up the streets and restore humanity to their war-torn country," he paraded out in toy armor and delivered a speech and PowerPoint that made very little sense. Some choice quotes:

  • "I was in a class and there was a student in that class. The teacher was spouting some horrible nonsense about how women's rights are not legitimate. Something everybody knew was false. If anybody had spoken up, he would have taken extreme joy in failing them. Nobody spoke up. One person raised his voice. One person started talking. The teacher couldn't believe it. the classroom couldn't be believe it either. But at the end of the day, he had logic on his side. That student was Albert Einstein."

  • "What inspires me is teaching African refugees how to program Javascript. What inspires me is finding out how to use MagLev trains to get resources to the moon. These are the challenges that tomorrow's going to face."
  • "I was in Rwanda. I was with a little start-up you may have heard of, Tesla. Elon Musk was there. A team of innovators. Artists, creators, ideas, thinkers. We were there. We were giving iPads to this village of africans and it was so freaky, because they're so intuitive. We gave them two-hour tutorials and they couldn't figure out how to use the freakin' things. The problem is us. The problem is greedy corporations."
  • We recommend watching the entire 20 minutes of Hyde's speech.

    (via Gawker)

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