Comedian VS. Startup CEO on Techies, Gentrification, & Homelessness

This Holiday Season, Santa Francisco Claus brought me class war between "techies" and the 85% of San Francisco residents who can't afford to live here.

The selfsame technology sector that has democratized communication by giving everyone on earth an online megaphone keeps running into public relations snags when their own people use that megaphone to spout vitriolic nonsense. The new Peter Shih is named Greg Gopman. Gopman, the now-former CEO of Angelhack, recently used his Facebook page to complain about the "degenerate hyenas" populating the Mid-Market area.

A week after Gopman's post and apology, I went onstage at the Punchline Comedy Club to offer a point-by-point rebuttal:

Since Gopman, the Google Bus blockades, and my comedy performance, the tide has turned and the protesters seem to be winning. I'm not saying my comedy is singly responsible for the changing political tide, just that no one ever really can know what changes the course of history.

Nato Green is a San Francisco-based stand-up comedian and writer. He performs with The Business, who are hosting their first annual New Year's Eve Comedy Spectacular at the Dark Room Theater on Mission Street on December 30 and 31st. Four shows feature combinations of Nato, Caitlin Gill, Bucky Sinister, Anna Seregina, Sean Keane, Chris Thayer, Karen Kilgariff, Matt Ruby, and Scott Simpson. Discount tickets here.