Comedians Defend Daniel Tosh Rape Joke On Twitter (NSFW)

Comedians Defend Daniel Tosh

In the wake of a female audience member accusing Daniel Tosh of making a rape joke at her expense, comedians have taken to Twitter to comment on the controversy.

While numerous comedy fans and professionals have tweeted messages condemning Tosh's response to the female heckler, some comedy figures, including Jim Norton, Louis C.K. and Opie of The Opie & Anthony Show, have expressed support for Tosh and for a comedians' right to speak uncensored.

Dane Cook, who performed at The Laugh Factory on the same night as Tosh, had a darker message: easily offended people should kill themselves.

See some of the other comedians who have tweeted their support for Tosh amidst the controversy below and leave your reaction in the comments

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