8 Sad-But-True Jokes About The Reality Of Being A Kid Today

Kids are more connected than ever, and comedians have taken note.
In today's technology-saturated era, kids are more connected than ever. And comedians have certainly taken note, incorporating discussions of children and screen time into their stand-up routines, talk show interviews and video projects.
Here are 10 comedians' hilarious takes on kids and tech today.

1. Louis C.K.

As a father of two, Louis C.K. knows what it's like to navigate the world of parenting in the digital age. In a funny "Conan" interview, the comedy star explained why he's against giving kids cell phones -- and ventured into some dark, existential territory.

2. Ellen Degeneres

During a segment on her talk show, Ellen Degeneres introduced kids to old technology, like a typewriter and the first cell phone. Discussing the way new innovations like Apple Pay may affect kids today, Degeneres says, "A child born today may never know about cash or credit cards. I mean, what are they gonna steal from their mom's purse?"

3. Jim Gaffigan

During a 2012 "Conan" appearance, comedian Jim Gaffigan explained why he thinks kids are getting spoiled by technology. Joking about how many photos people take on their iPhones, he said, "I have more pictures of my children than my father ever looked at me."

4. Adam Carolla

Podcaster and comedian Adam Carolla joked about the growing number of children with Apple products during his stint on "Celebrity Apprentice" by declaring that his charity of choice was called "White Kids Without iPads." Building on that idea, Funny or Die released a hilarious fake ad for the charity, inspired by Sarah McLachlan's ASPCA commercials.

5. Dan Soder

Stand-up comedian Dan Soder joked about kids and technology at the Laugh Factory last year. "Have you ever seen a 3-year-old with an iPad? It's terrifying," he said. "They're so good at the iPad and suck socially," he added, doing an impression of a toddler throwing a tantrum after effortlessly playing with a screen.

6. The BreakWomb

The trio of moms behind the parent-centric comedy channel, The BreakWomb, have repeatedly tackled the topic of screen time. Specifically, the funny ladies make fun of the disparity between their expectations that they would always limit screen time and the reality that doing that is not always so easy.

7. Johnny Sanchez

Former "Madtv" cast member Johnny Sanchez talked about how easy technology has made life for kids today at a "Stand Up For Family" comedy show. In one hilarious bit, he imagined what it would be like to play hide-and-seek in a group of kids with cell phones.

8. Dave Williamson

Comedian Dave Williamson said during a stand-up performance that kids today are "really spoiled for the most part" because so many of them receive smartphones at a young age. He then joked about parents using "mobile sonograms" as part of the growing number of "accessories you should not need for you phone."

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