Comedians On Technology: Louis C.K., Mitch Hedberg, Bill Murray And Others Rants About Tech (VIDEOS)

Consumer technology can evoke a mix of love and hatred in its users, making it ripe for comedy.

Take smartphones, for example. We may come to feel dependent on our pocket-sized gadgets, but we may also feel embarrassed about our dependency and grow to resent the devices, as if they are sentient beings bent on making us weak or incapable of functioning independently.

Hatred, is a strange emotion to feel towards a phone, a fact that is not lost on comedian Louis C.K., who calls out smartphone owners for being ungrateful for their "amazing" devices. "We have these phones that you can call in an airstrike. You can look at the top of your own head," said the standup star during his 2011 Comedy Central special Hilarious. "We have this beautiful thing, and we hate it. I never saw a person going, 'Look at what my phone can do!' Nobody does that. They all go 'This f-----g thing it sucks.'"

Check out our slideshow (below) to see more from Louis C.K. on ungrateful consumers, Patton Oswalt on loving and hating Tivo, Bill Murray feeling overwhelmed by futuristic innovations, Mitch Hedberg on why owning a phone or pager is unnecessary, and other hysterical comedic rants about technology.

7 Comedians Rant About Tech

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