Comedians Take On Dana Milbank And Chris Cillizza For 'Mouthpiece Theater' Videos

Josh Funk and Andy Cobb, of the Public Service Administration, are no fans of the "Washington Post"'s adventures with webcams, noting that the two men who go on them are "widely criticized for having all the charm, wit and insight of a frathouse open mic night."

Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza first came under fire for these pieces, that Cobb notes are "so unfunny [they] might be performance art," after criticizing our own Nico Pitney for having the audacity to break into the coddled world that is the White House press corps. Of course that's not okay, but dressing in smoking jackets and making asses out of yourselves while lecturing on journalistic integrity is fine.

Milbank again came under fire for these videos after suggesting that Hillary Clinton drink "mad bitch beer." It's hard to be a comedian when you're deeply unfunny. The "Washington Post" was forced to pull the video, but Media Matters archived it for safe viewing.

It wasn't merely the hypocrisy or inappropriateness that bothered the folks at the Public Service Administration though, it was the lack of "writing, delivery, production values, insights, comic point-of-view, characters, locations, guests, jokes, or segments" that really got to them. As a result they decided to lampoon the pair and the paper they work for.


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