Comedians Join Waterkeeper Alliance To Help Keep Earth's Many Waterways Clean

Safe water is no joke.

Comedians have a way of making light of very serious issues for the sake of laughter, but that doesn't mean they can't "reverse flow," so to speak, and use comedy to bring awareness to very serious issues.

Waterkeeper Alliance was founded in 1999 to patrol the world's waterways, ensuring that corporations obey the law and that this precious resource stays clean. This citizen advocacy group unites more than 252 waterkeeping organizations in countries on all continents (minus Antarctica).

And now they've joined forces with the world's top actors and comedians to spread the word on the importance of this cause. Neil Patrick Harris, Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan of "SNL," and Alicia Silverstone are just some of the stars helping Waterkeeper Alliance promote a clean and safe environment.

Check out the video above to see actors and comedians explain (in their own funny way) just what Waterkeeper Alliance does, and then watch the video below and listen to them reminisce about growing up around their favorite waterways. The videos were directed by Rachel Harris and produced by Kids At Play.



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