'Comedy Bang! Bang!' IFC Show 10-Minute Promo Airs After 'Portlandia' (VIDEO)

The world may finally feast its eyes on what the new "Comedy Bang! Bang!" IFC show will look like, as the channel aired a 10-minute preview of the show after the second season finale of "Portlandia."

The clip retains several elements familiar to listeners of the "Comedy Bang! Bang" podcast -- Scott Aukerman continues his role as straight man talk show host, Reggie Watts acts as the one-man band, and Paul F. Tompkins "plays" Andrew Lloyd Webber, a snooty, fussy caricature of the composer who has been a recurring character from the podcast. Adam Scott of "Parks and Recreation" is the show's guest.

The success of "Comedy Bang! Bang!" can perhaps be attributed to the fact that although comedy podcasting is experiencing a surge, very few are devoted to actually performing comedy. And its transition to television is only natural -- previously to "Comedy Bang! Bang," Aukerman was perhaps best known to the general public for working on "Mr. Show" and later co-creating and directing "Between Two Ferns" with Zach Galifianakis, as well as curating the Earwolf podcasting network.

The premise for the podcast is simple: Scott performs a half-serious interview with a celebrity from the world of comedy, such as Amy Poehler or "Weird Al" Yankovic, and then is interrupted by a offbeat character, played by one of Aukerman's friends mostly from the Los Angeles comedy scene. The upcoming IFC show appears to follow suit, with an interview with Adam Scott offering "celebrity advice" before Tompkins crashes the party.

South By Southwest attendees will have a chance to see a live recording of "Comedy Bang! Bang!" the podcast at the IFC Crossroads house, with special guest Reggie Watts. For live updates on that and more comedy happening at SXSW, be sure to check out our live blog, where we also explain the often-complicated history of the "Comedy Bang! Bang" brand, which used to be known as "Comedy Death-Ray."

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