Comedy "Kills"

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump pauses in the Spin Room after a Republican presidential primary d
Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump pauses in the Spin Room after a Republican presidential primary debate at The University of Houston, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

As a comedy writer, I was at first enjoying some of the humor directed at Donald Trump by late night TV Hosts, pointing out how ridiculous it was that he was being taken seriously by voters. Then suddenly, it was not so funny anymore. Now of course it's downright scary and mostly to Republicans.

In fact, I pride myself on saying quite early on that he was never funny, but dangerous. This want-to-be dictator, this demagogue in training was using all the standard tactics of fear and loathing of the "other" that REAL dictators use. Then the similar pictures of Mussolini and Voldemort, as I call him, in a "he who shall not be named" reference, started appearing. The Hitler comparisons were flooding Facebook. And his first wife, Ivana, stated that he did indeed sleep with Mein Kampf nearby. Figures.

In my radio podcasts on (Susan Says) I refused to trivialize the Holocaust by comparing him, but now I see that a much more powerful attack is comedy!

Marco Rubio has finally hit his stride. He must have some good comedy writers on the payroll and I say yay! "Hair force One" is a great joke. The riff he did on whoever does the spray tan should be sued...killed! I was waiting for others to point out that even John Boehner's orange was a human shade. Trump's color is seen in fruit only. If oranges had white squirrel eye rings from the eye shades, that is.

And it's getting to Voldemort. He is freaking out. His facial grimaces and jerky body movements were slightly out of control in the last debate. Now he is just spewing out anything in a rambling gibberish of a one hour rally that all Cable news channels had the nerve to run as though it were a policy conference.

Marco clearly shows that this thin orange skinned candidate can't take it though he loves to dish it out. And what is also now clear is that Chris Christie is much better at it.'Thugs are Us' would be their ticket. But the front runner is dissolving before our eyes. He is withering, melting, and whatever other verb you want to use because Comedy Kills! I would be willing to write jokes for anyone against him ...for free!

Cant you just see him attacking Merkel..."you're not a ten, you never were like Heidi Klum used to be, you." His campaign posters should read "Take my Wife, Please"...three times) Shrinks have weighed in on characteristics he manifests like narcissism, border line personality and pathological lying.Oh by the way, have you ever met a really rich person who tells you all the time how rich they are? Or a really really smart person who keeps saying it. Who is he trying to convince...voters or himself.
But I think comics are more useful to the cause. Join me, please! Barummph bump!