This Guy Researched The Onscreen History Of The Phrase 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark'

In 7 months, he found 105 examples.

Some jokes or sayings seem so infused in the zeitgeist that we assume they’ve been around for 100 years. And, probably, they have in one form or another.

Over the past seven months, comedy writer Shawn Kohne has been researching the familiar phrase, “that’s gonna leave a mark.” This type of research is not alien to Kohne, who once famously explained the deep connection between nearly all Adam Sandler movies, aka “The Sandlerverse.”

Kohne poured through countless hours of TV and film to find examples of “that’s gonna leave a mark,” perhaps most remembered for its regular use by Chris Farley in the 1995 movie “Tommy Boy.”

But it didn’t start there.

The joke’s onscreen beginning, says Kohne, is in Mel Brooks’ 1987 “Star Wars” spoof “Spaceballs.” Check out the video above for the other 104 examples.

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