'Comet Of The Century' Is Coming, And Here's Where You Can See It (INFOGRAPHIC)

LOOK: 'Comet Of The Century' Dances Through Constellations

Grab your binoculars, stargazers. Touted as the "comet of the century," Comet ISON is in full "outburst mode," having brightened dramatically over the course of a few days. It's now visible to the naked eye, according to amateur astronomers.

Less than two weeks away from a Nov. 28 perihelion -- the comet's close graze past the surface of the sun -- ISON is streaking through the constellation of Virgo. As it continues along its course, this is the journey ahead -- if it survives its upcoming solar flyby.

Infographic by Troy Dunham for the Huffington Post. Illustrations by Kurt Smith.

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