Comfort Food Recipes: Dinner Party Ideas To Feed Loved Ones Who Need It (PHOTOS)

What comfort foods would soothe you most in a time of distress?

We've obviously been thinking a lot this week about the millions of people affected by Hurricane Sandy. Since much of the HuffPost team is based in New York, it's been especially present in our minds as many of our friends, family and loved ones are without power or dealing with damage to their homes and businesses. There are a ton of ways you can help people struggling after the storm (HuffPost Impact has a great, constantly updated list of ways to help), but we want to talk to you today about a simple thing that anyone can do.

If you are one of the lucky ones who never lost power during the storm, now is the time for the biggest, most comfort-food-laden dinner party in history. Inviting friends, family and neighbors over for a hot meal can help get storm victims through the next day of frustration. Even if you live in an area not affected by Sandy, there's always a reason to cook someone a meal that will make them feel better. We asked our colleagues, friends and family what they would want to have cooked for them in a time of distress and pulled together some of the coziest comfort food recipes we've ever seen.

We're talking perishables here -- cheese, cream, butter, meat -- but also fresh vegetables, warming soups and (for those who indulge) booze. Let us know in the comments what you would want someone to cook for you when you needed it most.

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