Comfort vs Conscience -- The Bathroom Battle Has Begun!

I recently saw a very disturbing presentation about the paper industry, which, it turns out, is also the third largest contributor to global warming pollution. Apparently, Kimberly Clark -- the world's largest tissue paper producer, and the maker of that box of Kleenex sitting on your nightstand -- is also a leading destroyer of virgin forests. Well, action starts at home, so I immediately replaced all of our toilet paper and tissues with post-consumer recycled materials. I did this quietly and anonymously -- just as an experiment. I wanted to see who in my family would complain first. It didn't take long for my ten-year-old daughter to register her objections. She has since taken to carrying a rather large backpack with her at all times -- ostensibly to handle her volumes of homework but really to hoard softer brands from the all bathrooms she visits on playdates. The next complaint came quite surprisingly in the middle of a lecture series my husband and I were attending. Just as Alan Dershowitz started quoting the Bible, Larry looked at me and screamed, "I can't sit here anymore because of your damn new toilet paper!" The battle of comfort vs. conscience has begun. Stay tuned to see who wins!