13 Products That Will Make Traveling WAY More Comfortable

Easy, affordable items that will take your trip from stressful to relaxing.

The longer a travel journey is, the more likely it is that you will eventually reach a point where everything just feels wrong. Usually, by hour five or six of a trip, your clothes will start to feel too tight, scratchy or hot. Your skin will feel too dry. You’ll either have a stomach ache or a pinch in your neck or both.

Usually, this is just an accepted part of a long plane journey or extra-long road trip. And while packing up your suitcase and going to another destination may always be at least a little bit stressful, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Sometimes, adding even the most simple and affordable of items to your carry-on can be the difference between a trip that’s miserable and one that’s a breeze.

Here are 13 products from Target that can make traveling MUCH more comfy, no matter how long your journey is.

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Moisturizing cleansing wipes
There is nothing worse than that dry-yet-greasy feeling you have after many hours spent in cars, trains, planes, airports, and/or all of the above. These face wipes have incredible reviews, and will leave you refreshed and comfortable while moisturizing your face, too.
This collapsible travel pillow
Replace those gross, U-shaped travel pillows with something that feels like your pillow at home. This travel pillow also can be stored in a space-efficient carrying case, which helps when packing light.
A scarf that doubles as a blanket
There's nothing less comfortable and relaxing than a plane blanket, which is why bringing an oversized scarf in your carry-on is always a good idea. You can even spray it with one of your favorite scents or some essential oil spray for a relaxing addition.
An essential oil roller with calming scents
Technically this is for kids, but it works for adults, too. Having an essential oil roller can help you feel calm, relaxed, and at-home, even on the most uncomfortable trips. You can also start using it at home before bed in the weeks before a trip to train your brain into associating it with sleep.
A pocket-sized hand cream
This pocket-sized hand cream is ridiculously well-reviewed and will ensure that you never deal with dry hands, cracked cuticles, or other uncomfortable side effects of that incredibly dry plane air.
A pair of noise-cancelling headphones
Traveling can make people irritated. Between other people chewing loudly, taking calls in public, and watching Netflix without headphones (why do people still do this, by the way?), traveling can mean dealing with all the idiosyncrasies and sounds of everyone around you. These headphones ensure that you don't have to deal with those at all.
This lemon-honey ginger honey drops for motion sickness
It's no secret that travel can cause stomach issues. From general motion sickness to gas, bloating, and discomfort caused by a change in routine and diet, these lemon ginger honey drops can relieve it all – and the positive reviews are proof.
A silk eye mask
Having an eye mask to keep out light can be the key to being able to sleep on a plane or not, so having one handy (especially one that's silk and will allow your skin to breath) is a great choice.
These soothing under eye masks
There's nothing worse than feeling groggy and half-asleep after a long day of traveling. Whether you put them on mid-flight or at the very end of a red eye journey, they will instantly make your eye area feel rejuvenated and awake.
This hydrating face mist
It's harder to be stressed or uncomfortable when you're hydrated, and that's why this travel-sized Evan facial spray is a must-have. A quick mist and you'll feel instantly refreshed.
This airplane seat cover
If the idea of having your own completely clean seat cover makes you feel more at ease, it might be worth investing in one of these airplane seat covers. Not only is it a lot more hygienic than the alternative, but it's also less than $30.
The perfect pair of travel pants
Finding the perfect travel outfit can be a game-changer when it comes to a comfortable travel experience. Loose linen pants are often the answer; they're breathable, but warm if need be, and they're as comfortable as leggings without being restricting at all.
Grab-and-go hand sanitizer wipes
Grab-and-go hand sanitizer wipes are a great addition to any trip. Plus, these won't force you to take up any space in your toiletry bag since they're not a liquid.
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