Comic Con 2012 Costumes Let People Be Anyone They Want (PHOTOS)

At Comic-Con, fantasies become realities, even if just for a few days.

The San Diego, Calif. convention may be the only place where you'll see super heroes, villains, anime characters, Star Wars and Star Trek characters and people dressed in steam punk all intermingling.

It's where people get to be anyone they want.

The costumes at Comic Con are about expression and interaction. It's where people who are introverted get to outwardly express what's inside. And where people who may not usually talk to strangers will talk to the guy whose whole body is painted to look like 1960s comic character Metamorpho (see photo above). Because after all, there aren't that many people who also appreciate the character who can change his molecular structure because of an encounter with a radioactive meteorite.

Of course, the best costumes are the most obscure ones -- the ones fans spend all year hand-making because they can't be purchased in stores. Below are some of the best costumes from Comic Con so far. Add your own to become part of the story!

Check back for more photos as the convention continues...

Comic Con 2012