Comic-Con Stuntmen Rescue Woman Dangling From Balcony In San Diego (VIDEO)

A group of Comic-Con stuntmen in San Diego put their daredevil skills to heroic use on Thursday when they rescued a woman who appeared to be about to jump from a 14-story balcony.

Gregg Sergeant, one of the three stuntmen from a company called Stunts 911, told the station that they reacted after hearing people yell, "Don't jump!" and causing a commotion.

In a cellphone video obtained by 10News, one stuntman seems to sneak up behind the woman and grab her to prevent a jump or fall.

Amos Carver, one of the rescuers, told that they scaled a fence, ran through the building's lobby, and up to the woman's apartment when they heard the screams. They purposely remained quiet while entering the unlocked apartment so they wouldn't scare the woman.

When they reached her, "she was hanging on [the balcony] with one hand, and had one foot off the ledge," Carver told ABC. That's when Sergeant grabbed her, giving the others time to throw a harness around her in case she slipped. They then pulled her to safety before police arrived.

Authorities told 10News that the unnamed woman had been drinking and upset over a breakup.

"I was just so thankful we got there when we got there," Sergeant told 10News. "I think if we'd been there two seconds later, she would've been gone."



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