Comic Diva Sheryl Underwood Talks Politics - She's Much More Than a Few Laughs!

Very funny lady Sheryl Underwood exclaims her ideal date for a cold beer is a tripartite experience with the men of her dreams. "Barack Obama, George W. Bush and George Clooney can holla at me for a dream threesome beer any day," Underwood teases. However, with what's going on right now with the nation's version of WWE "Smack Down" over health care, each of them might feel a bit uncomfortable sitting together for that "teachable moment." "Bush can't have a real beer," says Underwood. "He's gotta have O'Dul's."

One of the most highly educated and brilliant stand-up comedians in the business, Underwood holds two Master degrees. The BET Comicview and Showtime sensation is spending a lot of time on the road these days traveling around the country making legions of people of all races and ethnicities laugh -- helping them to better cope with their pain and misery over the recession with laughter. "In this economy, it is more feasible for a couple to go out locally, have a drink, something to eat and have a great night laughing," says Underwood.

Playing stand up to some of the toughest audiences for nearly two decades, Ms. Underwood's fans may not be aware that she calls herself a "Frederick Douglas Republican." This perhaps little-known fact has not suffered her in the least with her overwhelmingly black Democratic audience fan base. A regular guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, no comedian can out-talk President Underwood -- the first Entertainer to hold the title International Grand Basileus President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Founded in 1920 at Howard University, Zeta Phi Beta is an historical black pan-Hellenic council organization. Leading with joy, as "Commander In Chief" of the Zetas, Underwood sets the vision for more than 125,000 members. As President, issues she is personally passionate about include International sex slave trafficking, empowering and educating women.

Boasting her "Proud American" status, Underwood will take her patriotic self and join USO in December for her second world tour. Teaming with a Country & Western and Army Band, some Cheerleaders and a few "pin-ups," the Hershey chocolate kiss colored skin comic diva will travel to undisclosed locations to make our troops hoot and cackle -- she will help them for a split second stop thinking about their awesome responsibility to protect and serve by putting their lives on the line.

Just like the night time satirists such as John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher Underwood, one of Jamie Foxx's radio talk show hosts on the Foxx Hole on Satellite radio, provides her own brand of intellectual funny bone musings about the political landscape.

Although she is a Republican, she broke rank from the party faithful and joined Gen. Colin Powell to endorse and support President Obama when he was running for President in 2008. She says Republicans need to go into the wilderness until 2016. She says she loves her some Mormon Marriott money man Mitt Romney and hopes he runs for President. She thinks Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty will be a great Veep. "Romney and Pawlenty in 8-years -- that's what I'm talkin' about," exclaims Underwood.

On one of her latest Tweets on Twitter from Denver, Colorado, Underwood wrote "I told a joke about the different questions whites & blacks ask re: health care reform now I'm a racist...go figure." With the hypersensitivity in the U.S. about racism and bigotry, the label gets tossed around like a hot potato. Underwood says despite all of the "crazy stuff" Republicans are doing right now, she's not leaving the party. She's also not ruling out being a future politician and wants to be Delegate at an RNC Convention. Often described as one of the boldest and most brazen women in comedy, Underwood has some political observations of her own.

On the State of the Republican Party

I just believe we're kind of blowin' it here. What really needs to happen is that we have to get back to respecting the office of the Presidency. Republicans should respect President Obama. We don't have to agree with everything he says, but we don't look good as a party right now. We are mean spirited. We're talking about bad things, but not solutions that will make a difference. Using words such as Russia or Socialist, you are drinking the Kool-aide; we just had the anniversary of Social Security.

What do we think that is?

It's funny how we're always looking at foreigners watching them always fighting overseas -- we say, "Look at the foreigners." We look down on them. That will never happen here? Hmm.
I thought we [Republicans] were bigger than some of this stuff we are doing now. Republicans need to say, "here's the alternative," not just we don't want it.

Thoughts about Sarah Palin

I'm the new Black Sarah Palin! If she's so popular why can't I be? Sen. John McCain picked the wrong woman to run with him. Some of the things that she does may play well to her audience, but not with the masses. What politicians do is a lot like comedy. Stepping down as Governor was a bad move. Sarah, you are a Republican woman and you are supposed to be strong. Don't talk tough at an outgoing press conference (or on Twitter - my own addition here). You should have stayed as Governor -- a woman [Palin] who can't take the heat!

To Rush Limbaugh

I am always careful with using the words "racial" or "racist" labeling a group of people -- normally white people as a group have control over the political structure and system over people who are non-white. I would like to come on Rush Limbaugh's show and every time he says something I don't agree with as a Republican, I'll say, "What in the hell did you say?" Some of the things he says are at least bigoted or prejudiced. Maybe because he can't hear now out of one those ears, he's not sure why he says that garbage.

Former President George W. Bush

I miss him. Bush kept us safe. I appreciate how he shows respect for President Obama. He has real class not criticizing him [President Obama] publicly. He is noble and not getting credit for being a good man and what the Administration tried to do.

What She Told RNC Chairman Michael Steele

I don't like the fact Michael Steele gets criticized so much, but he must step up his game. I pulled Michael aside at the debate at the National Press Club, and I begged him not to the position as RNC Chairman because it will be two black men arguing in public. If I had to advise Michael Steele right now, I would say get on the road, stay on the road, shake hands and kiss babies.

Right now people feel they can say and do anything they want to Michael Steele. No respect. Michael Steele is a great man with a long way to go. I warned him.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

I wish she would not have had the melt down over that misinterpretation. But everybody has their moments. She's doing a decent job. As a woman I am proud she is in the position. As a Republican I miss my girl Condoleezza.

President Obama on Health Care

One of the things my Sorority is getting ready to do is have Town Hall Meetings to discuss the Health Care Bill. We are not taking a side, but it is our duty as college educated women to have this discussion. We need to help people decipher. I'm reading the bill right now to learn so I get it right. There should be clarity. If I ever get to a point where I can't be resurrected because the CPR paddle don't work right or if the Lord chooses to end my life...while we don't want government involved, they're already involved because you just can't end your life.

If someone starts screaming and talking yang about health care, ask, "Have you read the bill? If not, tell them to sit down!" This bill will not be passed in September, but much later in the year.

Final Thoughts on What She Means When She Call's Herself "A Sexually Progressive, God-Fearing Black Republican"

I believe in Jesus and say the Pledge of Allegiance....I've done some things that are not Biblically correct, but I'm going to be patient and wait on the Lord to send me another husband. I've been a widow for 20 years! If someone does not believe what I believe, I'm going to respect their beliefs. As a Republican woman I never let anyone push me some place where I don't want to go. I love everyone as long as you are not messing with my money.