This Comic Illustrates The True Meaning Of 'Husband Material'

Boyfriends, take note.

Being the perfect boyfriend takes a lot more than remembering birthdays and anniversaries.

A new comic called “Modern Boyfriend Tasks” breaks down exactly how the modern lover should handle himself in a relationship.

They’re based on writer Brandon Sheffield’s personal experience in his own relationship. Sheffield, a video game director based in Oakland, California, collaborated with New York-based illustrator and writer Dami Lee to create the series.

“Over the years, the roles in heterosexual relationships have changed, and the idea of what a ‘man should do’ have changed, especially in big cities,” Sheffield told HuffPost. “[The comics are] a reaction to the sorts of things I have seen done by more successful men in modern urban relationships, where ‘roles’ are more fluid and related to the needs of the other person than they are to a particular gender.”

Sheffield, who previously wrote a comic series about how to deal with a breakup, says this latest set is about “relationship success after the failure of the last one.” He and Lee also designed a companion comic called “Modern Girlfriend Tasks.”

See more from the series below, then head to Tapastic to check out the rest of their comics.

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