A Comic For People Who Look To Their S.O. For Outfit Advice And Get None

Illustrator Damian Alexander gets adorable, but not exactly honest feedback on his looks from his boyfriend. Sigh.

Love Illustrated is a HuffPost comic series that captures the realities of modern love.

A wise philosopher named Shania Twain once said, “Any man of mine’ll say it fits just right when last year’s dress is just a little too tight ― and anything I do or say better be okay when I have a bad hair day.”

While we tend to agree with the Canadian country goddess’ stance, every once in a while, you really just want some honest feedback from your S.O. on your look.

Los Angeles-based illustrator Damian Alexander gets that. In the very relatable comic below, he illustrates how hard it can be to get an opinion from your partner when they think everything looks good on you:

Damian Alexander

Zero percent helpful, but 100 percent sweet.

The comic was inspired by real life. Seven months into his relationship with his boyfriend, Alexander’s S.O. still defaults to “you look cute!” when pressed for sartorial feedback.

“When we’re getting dressed to head out to Disneyland or somewhere nice, I want to look my best, and I’ll ask for his advice but he just says I look cute in everything,” Alexander, who grew up in Boston, told HuffPost. “I certainly don’t mind the compliments, though.”

Alexander’s work tends to be highly personal, focusing on things that happened to him that are “outlandish, poignant, or both.”

“I want my comics to be funny, but also say something important at the same time,” he said.

The illustrator’s graphic memoir, OTHER BOYS, is set to be released in 2021. In the meantime, follow him on Instagram or Tumblr.

Creatrs is a collective of Tumblr’s most talented artists. HuffPost has partnered with Tumblr — which is also owned by Oath, HuffPost’s parent company — to create this original illustrated series.

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