When Your Partner Is More In Love With A Pet Than They Are With You

When your partner's love for the cat eclipses their love for you.

When you realize your significant other is more in love with your pet than they are with you, it can be a tough pill to swallow. Can you blame them, though? Our beloved cats and dogs are so stinkin’ adorable that it makes us humans pale in comparison. We simply can’t compete.

Artists Sarah Zucker and Bronwyn Lundberg, the married couple behind L.A. animation studio YoMeryl, have some firsthand experience with this type of love triangle. When they first started dating, Lundberg introduced Zucker to her Siamese cat, Virginia (aka Ginny). While the two humans fell in love with each other, Zucker and Ginny were busy forming an impassioned romance of their own.

The couple captured this oh-so-relatable scenario in comic form:

When your love for the cat eclipses your love for your partner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
When your love for the cat eclipses your love for your partner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“This comic is a 100 percent accurate representation of our real life,” Zucker told HuffPost. “Bron knows I love her, but the cat and I have a very special relationship.”

It’s no wonder Zucker fell head over heels for Ginny; she’s got star-quality looks and a personality to match.

“She’s got the personality of Bette Midler because she’s a straight diva with a big heart who likes to sing to us,” Lundberg said.

Though they both admit they’re obsessed with the cat, they agree that Zucker’s obsession is the stronger of the two.

“I’m intimately acquainted with Ginny’s schedules and whims and look forward to the evenings where she will allow me to embrace her at length and whisper sweet nothings to her,” Zucker said. “Also, I make up a lot of songs about her, make art about her. She occupies a lot of my mental space.”

The couple even has an Instagram account dedicated to their baby girl with photos of her striking various sultry poses.

“We swoon over it whenever we’re out of town,” Lundberg said. “We’ve also developed a language to mimic the cat’s squeaks, and sometimes we talk to each other like we’re cats, too. We’re those people.”

To see more of the couple’s work, follow them on Instagram or visit their Tumblr or website. You can follow Ginny’s adventures at @thebeesch on Insta.

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