12 Comics For Anyone Who Loves Fiercely

Then: Wow, you're extraordinary. Now: Wow, you're EXTRA ordinary.

Loving someone with total emotional honesty is wonderful, but it comes at price: If you get your heart broken, it hurts that much more.

On Hidden Heartbreak, an anonymous 29-year-old fashion designer shares relatable comics detailing breakups and dating mistakes from her past.

Really, who among us hasn’t catalogued all the little red flags about someone after the breakup?

The artist, who wants to remain anonymous for the sake of her day job, told The Huffington Post that much of her recent work is inspired by an ex who re-entered her life.

“That experience brought up a lot of feelings that I had never really gotten to resolve; it was very therapeutic to draw all of the things I was sad about, angry about or even nostalgic about,” she said. “As a sort of experiment I put the sketches on Instagram, and I’ve been so floored by the reaction!”

Many of the sketches show the heroine grappling with heartbreak with as much grace as possible.

“The character been hurt, she has had unrequited feelings, but she doesn’t regret them for one second,” she said. “That’s because being truly open to love, even when it goes wrong, is also the only way to experience intense connection and joy.”

Scroll down for other examples of her work, and for even more, head to Hidden Heartbreak’s Instagram page.