12 Comics For People Who Can't Adult To Save Their Lives

Adulting is hard.

The struggle to be an adult is real.

That’s something UK-based illustrator Alex Norris captures perfectly in his “Oh, No” comic series. Norris started posting the comics to his Tumblr over the summer and since then, he’s tackled everything from the struggle to apply eyeliner:

To the awkwardness of making eye contact with someone on the subway:

Ugh, nooo.

Norris told The Huffington Post that the series started out as a parody of all the “super relatable” comics on the web, but eventually, he realized his doodles were pretty relatable.

“As the series went on, I kept thinking of ideas from my own life that I knew people would like,” he said. “The current aim is to make it a sort of comprehensive catalogue of universal human experiences (as much as anything can be universal).”

And the “oh, no” blob has no clear-cut gender for a reason.

“The blob doesn’t have a clear gender so that as many people as possible will relate to it,” he told HuffPost. “Also people have this compulsion to give everything a gender (or at least assume that the default is male) so it is funny watching people struggle to gender this thing that uses a urinal and gives birth.”

See more of the blob’s misadventures below or head to Norris’ Tumblr for all the comics.