#ComingOutMatters, Jonny Drubel And Students Moving America Campaign, Encourages You To Share Your Coming Out Story

#ComingOutMatters is a new viral social media campaign dedicated to empowering the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and encouraging individuals to share their experience coming out through YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

With E!'s "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" star Jonny Drubel acting as a celebrity ambassador, Students Moving America is launching the #ComingOutMatters campaign, asking the public to share their coming out narratives and perspectives on LGBT equality using the hashtag #ComingOutMatters. Everything posted with this hashtag will be streamlined into the campaign's website in order to centrally locate everyone's contributions to the #ComingOutMatters campaign.

"The mission of #ComingOutMatters is to build an online community for those who are struggling with the idea of coming out," Drubel states in the above video. "Coming out should never be discouraged, but encouraged. So I encourage you to go online, tell your story, whether you've come out yourself or know someone that's come out. Be inspiring. You have the ability to change someone's life."

Check out the video above and head here for more information about #ComingOutMatters.

Correction: An earlier version of this story referred to the campaign as an E! Online campaign, when it is actually in partnership with the network itself. This has been corrected.