"Commander In Chief" Obama To Appear With Former Top Military Officials

As the Clinton campaign continues to hammer Barack Obama on defense issues -- chief Clinton strategist Mark Penn tells the New Yorker that Obama is "not ready" to be commander in chief -- Obama will appear today with former secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force (two of whom served in Bill Clinton's administration).

Read the press release:

Washington, DC - Today, former service secretaries for each of the Armed Forces - Clifford Alexander, Jr. (US Army), Richard Danzig (US Navy), and F. Whitten Peters (US Air Force) - will host a press conference in Washington, DC to discuss why Obama has demonstrated the judgment and has the experience to be Commander In Chief.

WHAT: Press Conference with Top Military Advisors for the Obama Campaign

WHO: Former Service Secretaries for each of the Armed Forces

Secretary Clifford Alexander, Jr. (US Army - Carter Administration)

Secretary Richard Danzig (US Navy - Clinton Administration)

Secretary F. Whitten Peters (US Air Force - Clinton Administration)