Commentary: Oprah Windfrey For President 2020-Are We Ready For This?

Oprah Winfrey - Television Producer, Talk Show Host, Film Actress, Producer, Philanthropist, Actress, Film Actor/Film Ac
Oprah Winfrey - Television Producer, Talk Show Host, Film Actress, Producer, Philanthropist, Actress, Film Actor/Film Actress

Someone recently asked me what I thought about the Oprah Winfrey idealism of running for President of the United States in 2020. I think that I will comment to this on a limited basis-but I will first say that the solutions to the problems that U.S. citizens are faced with as a community have to be "people oriented and no longer political."

Why?-To answer that question-I'm first going to make a rap and that goes like this: 

The Political arena has become a game of "cat and mouse," of who gets the biggest carrot with the biggest name and the most fame-now-the people feel the pain, and we all lose things that we can never regain, man-by now we're all going insane in the membrane-because we stuck in the rat race-just trying to maintain." Lol!

OK-now that I got that out of my system. I wanted to give another more serious example; The more recent populist who was elected U.S. President- was with the Donald J. Trump victory on Nov. 9, 2016-which has been a political firestorm for many people worldwide and in the aftermath-we have seem a unknown multitude of issues that revolve around Trumpism ever since. For the record-we are using The to define Populism, as a political program or movement that champions the common person, usually by favorable contrast with an elite. Populism usually combines elements of the left and the right.

The daily horror that most know as the Trump Presidency seems to make absolutely no sense-on most days. He (Trump) has been at war with the International press, African Americans-football players, women, Puerto Rico, Obama, this own cabinet, North Korea, logical thought process, possibly a bipolar issue, and add on maybe another serious mental disorder or two-just to name a few. 

In its most democratic form, this type of "Populism," that elected Donald J. Trump, Ronald Regan, (pictured,below) and a few others who arose from the entertainment world then sought to defend the interest and maximize the power of ordinary citizens, which then propelled them into "leadership" positions- is not truly healthy for the community-reason being is what we get is a leadership that is uniquely unprepared to deal with the serious global crisis that in most cases are at the heart of the matter. 

Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan for the most part entertainers who became U.S. President.
Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan for the most part entertainers who became U.S. President.

While, I do understand that the President of the United states is an, “empowered” position (or should be an “empowered,” position)  that comes with support-we would hope that the next leadership is educated in nurtured in sociological issues, international relations and more.

This is not an open indictment of Oprah Winfrey as an extraordinary and uncompromising business leader-but we as a people need proven and true leadership-to take us out of the dooming global issues that confront us.

Why? without true understanding many people have been compromised because global conflicting interests need to be managed by those who are trained, sincere, and better able to provide with result-oriented communication.

American Symbols-White House
American Symbols-White House

You see as a U.S. President giving speeches and campaigning for the dawn of a new world order—or at least the destruction of the old one-while entertaining at best has to become a task given to a "new breed of leadership or else we will keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  For my part-subjectively, I must add that history shows and proves to most-that changes of leadership have come in two ways. Reform and Revolutions-neither one is easy but we pray for the first. (glg)


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