13 Commercial Clichés That We're Not Buying Anymore

In case you haven't noticed, advertisers have been lying to us. A lot.

The various tropes and stereotypes that we see in TV commercials are so common, you might not even realize how ridiculous they are. Here are just a handful of the most laughable clichés that ads have tried to sell to us over the years.

Have you ever noticed how, in taco commercials, the hard-shell tacos NEVER break apart in your hands?

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In real life, she'd be using a fork by now.

And, aside from John Stamos, men in commercials never eat (or sometimes even understand the concept of) yogurt?

Image credit: YouTube
Just look at how confused this man is.

While we're talking about breakfast foods, how many times have you eaten cereal "as part of a balanced breakfast," A.K.A with a glass of juice, giant pitcher of milk, and toast?

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Carbz for dayz.

Ever notice how the people who use teeth-whitening strips in commercials already have perfect smiles?

Image credit: YouTube
Look at how upset this woman is just because her teeth don't match her scarf.

Or maybe you've noticed how women in razor commercials are always shaving already-hairless legs?

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Seriously, girl. You can stop shaving now.

According to commercials, vacuuming is always done in straight, steady, controlled lines.

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You know your IRL vacuuming game is just haphazard zig-zags around the living room.

And what about paper towel ads that suggest we wring out our used sheets and re-use them again and again?

Image credit: YouTube
In what world?

Or the Snuggie commercials that depict families collectively wearing them out of the house?

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We can see right through those smiles.

Two words: Car Bows. Has anyone ever actually received (or know someone who has received) a car as a gift with one on it?

Image credit: YouTube
"Oh honey! You made a huge purchase without consulting me! No really -- you shouldn't have."

In commercials, people are always unusually excited about doing laundry.

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Calm down, lady. It's just a sweater.

And women are suspiciously turned on by anything chocolate.

When it comes to men, lawn care is always an extremely manly activity.

Image credit: YouTube
It's not just grass, it's a vast field of tiny blades that will somehow challenge your manhood.

And finally, "Gourmet" cat food is always served as if it is somehow less disgusting than regular cat food.

Image credit: YouTube
Even if you buy fancy cat food, chances are slim that you're serving it in a crystal goblet.



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