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Commies Tossed into the Dustbin of History

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When ideologies change so do the statues on the square. And with the end of the Cold War about 25 years ago, statues from Vilnius to Varna came tumbling down. Bulgaria, so subservient to Mother Russia throughout its 45-year-long communist nightmare, had more than its share of these propaganda statues. And many of them fill the backyard of the art museum in its capital city, Sofia.

I remember visiting the tomb of Georgi Dimitrov (the father of the Bulgarian Communist Party) here in Sofia back in the day. It was like going to a mini-wannabe Lenin's Tomb. Today, no one even thinks of him. And his statue is just another face in this stony junkyard of propaganda.

I love to visit places like this and think of politics -- compromise, diversity, respect, democracy, pluralism -- and the treasure we have in our freedom. Here's a quick tour.