Common Cooking Mistakes: The Top 10 Offenses

The 10 Cooking Mistakes You're Probably Making

Are you often disappointed with your cooking? Do you follow all your recipes to a tee and still don't quite get it right? If you've said yes to these questions, you may want to read on (and don't worry, this isn't the intro to a cheesy infomercial). Cooking is an art; and while it allows for a lot of creativity, there are still some rules that should be followed if you want to achieve the best results.

The most common cooking mistakes are a result of impatient cooks, while others are due to a lack of knowledge. But overall, these mistakes often require just a little tweak to your technique. Click through the slideshow below to see what you're doing wrong and change your ways to become a better cook.

You Boil Instead Of Simmer

Common Cooking Mistakes

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