Louis C.K. Has More To Say About Common Core: 'None Of This Feels Careful To Me'

Louis C.K. returned to Twitter on Thursday with more criticism of the Common Core State Standards. For the comedian, the standards are clearly not a laughing matter.

The father of two made headlines on Monday, when he took to Twitter to sarcastically thank the Common Core and standardized testing for making his kids cry, and to share pieces of their confusing math homework. In the days since, he set off a barrage of Common Core-related think pieces and received the support of at least one fellow celebrity.

Clearly, however, C.K. wasn't pleased with all the reactions to his opinions on the Common Core Standards, which have been adopted in more than 40 states to make sure students around the country are being held to the same measures. On Thursday evening, C.K. returned to Twitter to defend his views.

His latest string of tweets bemoaned the Common Core implementation process in New York, which was one of the first states to begin using the standards in classrooms. Like C.K, many have complained the process was rushed:

Amid widespread criticism, New York has slowed parts of its Common Core rollout. While students are taking standardized tests aligned with the standards, the state Board of Regents decided in February to delay some aspects of the plan, including one that tied students' test scores with their ability to graduate.

C.K. then addressed those who have attacked his Common Core views. For example, a Newsweek piece published on Thursday bears the title, "Sorry, Louis C.K., but You’re Wrong About Common Core."

Later, C.K. took shots at Pearson, the world's largest education company, and Bill Gates, whose foundation has poured millions into supporting the Common Core Standards.

Finally, C.K. wanted everyone to know he did not intentionally misspell Bill Gates' name ... but that doesn't mean he's a fan of the Microsoft mogul.

In response to his tweets, MSNBC host Chris Hayes invited the comedian to appear on his show:

Alas, Louis C.K. may become the latest anti-Common Core television talking head.

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