Common Shares His 'Supreme Love To Black Women' With Mini-Documentary

"As a woman and being black is a whole ‘nother level of endurance and struggle.”

Common wants the world to know that the strength of a black woman is on “a whole ‘nother level of endurance and struggle,” with the release of his mini-documentary, “Love Star.” 

Dubbed as a “sonic and visual ode,” the 6-minute-plus vid is a complement to Common’s new song of the same title and features the Academy Award-winner professing his endless love and admiration for black women.

“I look at black woman, like man, it’s so much strength in there, not only because of the things that we experienced as black people, but as a woman and being black is a whole ‘nother level of endurance and struggle,” Common says at the opening of the clip. “I owe it, black men owe it, men owe it, the world owe it, that we lift it up and respect and honor, and give supreme love to black women.”

The empowering clip also features personal narratives from a group of women ―which is extended on social media via the hashtag #LoveStar ― who define their power of love. 

“I wanted to create this new way to describe the person you love,” Common went on to add in the clip. “They’re shining bright in your life, and there’s something bright and beautiful about them. That word is about the purity of love, and how truthful love could be. Like, ‘this is how I love you, girl. And I want you to know this is who I am to you.’”

We couldn’t agree with you more, Common!

Check out Common’s mini-documentary, “Love Star” in the clip above, and listen to the track featuring Marsha Ambrosius and PJ below.



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