‘Refugee’ Is Just Another Word For ‘Human,’ Thanks To A New Font

Common Sans replaces the charged descriptor with something everyone can relate to.

Toward the end of last year, the number of searches for the word "refugee" increased five-fold. Those hoping to educate themselves about the millions of people fleeing Syria and its surrounding countries to seek asylum elsewhere likely found a befuddling mix of opinions and news clips.

In November, over half of America’s governors announced that they would not house refugees. Obama denounced the move as un-American, but that didn’t stop many Republican presidential candidates from airing their vicious concerns.

Amid such frank Islamaphobia, Syrian families have begun to resettle in America, hoping their new home will be a safer one. A three-part series on The Huffington Post followed one such family’s attempt to live, work and generally become more comfortable with their lives in New Jersey.

To remind decriers of the fundamental nature we all share, a Swedish design company called Essen International and Solvatten made a simple font that swaps out the word "refugee" for the word "human." The font is called Common Sans.


The website for Common Sans notes, “Being a refugee is a temporary status, being a human is permanent. Humans are amazing. A stamp on their passport should not let us believe otherwise.”

To which we say: 💯!

It’s a simple gesture, but one that can hopefully bring us collectively closer to a place of acceptance and understanding. You can download the font here.

[H/T Wired]

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