Common's 'Suicide Squad' Role Has Him Inked And Pierced

We may not know exactly who Common is playing in the new "Suicide Squad" film, but we do know he'll have a lot of tattoos.

New photos of the hip-hop artist in costume surfaced online, offering a glimpse of what he'll look like in the upcoming superhero flick. At first glance, he looks pretty intense, with black ink tattoos covering his head and piercings on his face (snake bites and an oversized septum ring, to be exact).

You can check out a few photos of his look:

It's been rumored that Common would play Black Manta, Aquaman's archnemesis, but as Vulture points out, due to his appearance, that seems pretty unlikely. The Hollywood Reporter and Movie Pilot have noted he could be set to play the Tattooed Man, which would definitely make sense. But the movie's release is still quite a ways away, so until then, we might just have to keep guessing.



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