Communication Unites

How WCFDavos Forum and GLBA Association helped two "sisters" to find each other


- You know that you have a sister in Moscow? - Yanina Dubeykovskaya, Founder and Content Director of World Communication Forum Davos, told me, while drinking coffee in a Berlin coffee shop. - She looks almost like you and has the same character traits.

- It is not possible, - I answered. I was really sceptical about the idea that somewhere in the world there is a human with the same personality as me. From my point of view, it is not the best thing to happen.

- You are not right, - Yanina continued. - She is a very nice girl and very successful. She is a PR-Director of Russian branding agency Depot WPF.

"Ekaterina is on the top of the stairs to Moscow State University,
where she gives lectures"

Under these circumstances I got to know Ekaterina Lavrova, actually much earlier, than Ekaterina got to know me. Afterwards there was the first meeting in Berlin (on the 1st of January!!!), when Ekaterina came to Berlin to visit her good friend Yanina Dubeykovskaya and to become a little of Berlin spirit.

Afterwards we met again in Friedrichshafen during the WCFDavos pre-event "Zeppelin View" and then directly at WCFDavos 2016. If you ask me and if you want the honest answer about us both as "sisters", I'd rather say that everybody sees what he or she wants to see. Those, who want to see the similarity between us two, will see them. Those, who don´t, probably not. There exists no truth in the question of human perception. But it turned out that the world really sees us similar.

Everything started, when I finished my Master studies and stepped into the field of job search. Ekaterina wrote me and said that one of the agencies - GLBA-members is looking for a PR-Manager. And what a coincidence: exactly in Berlin, where I live happily already for more than two years. GLBA is literally Global Local Branding Alliance and unites 7 branding agencies from all over the world. Ekaterina Lavrova with her branding agency Depot WPF is a Moscow representative of GLBA, and a German branding agency, which were so upset and lonely without PR-support, was Berndt+Partner. And they not only wanted a PR-Manager, they wanted somebody as good as Ekaterina Lavrova, who is so successful with her PR-support for Depot WPF. And Ekaterina, remembering her "imaginary sister", recommended me.

"I am on the top of the mountain"

In this way Ekaterina helped the both sides (me and Bernd+Partner) to find each other, to like each other and to start doing business together. Therefore, from now on let me introduce myself as Aleksandra Antokhina, happy PR-Manager of Berndt+Partner, thanks to WCFDavos and GLBA association, which unite continents, experience and, of course, people, as they have already united us!