A voicemail with a British accent this morning. Someone from The Economist inviting me to attend a forum. His words were crisp and soft at the same time. The polite cadence had pauses to emphasize the time-sensitive nature of his message and there was sincerity when he said, "Have a great day today." The whole thing lasted forty seconds. It shifted my perspective.

I've been struggling, as many of you know, to balance my need to make a living with my desire to take this magazine, Lucia, from beautiful fledgling to the full expression of wings-spread-wide flight. I make my living today by working in public relations. My clients are innovative companies, teams of smart people making exciting things happen as they grow. When friends ask me, "What do you actually do?" it is challenging to respond succinctly. There is a one word answer, though, and it is this: communication.

I communicate.

It is an art, a science, a process, a talent, and a skill that can be learned, honed, applied, and made into almost anything you can imagine. It is also time-consuming and energy-dependent, especially to do it well, especially to for fast-moving companies. It requires not just time, but also attention, focus, thoughtfulness, curiosity, creativity, flexibility, availability, and ability to think fast and smart.

We are all communicators. Our words are our art but they are also much more. Every text we type, every email we push, every voicemail we leave, matters. Each time we convey information to another human being we are changing the world. Words are important. Delivery is important. What you say and how you say it creates the world we all live in.

Remember this today, as you go about the balancing act of your life. Your words are crucial. They are changing the world. Which words will you choose? Where will they come from? How will you deliver them?