'Community' Ratings And '30 Rock' Ratings: Series Lows For NBC Comedies

'30 Rock' & 'Community' Hit Ratings Lows: Fans Sound Off!

"30 Rock" and "Community" hit series low ratings this week on Thurs., April 5.

According to EW, 2.8 million people watched "30 Rock" and 3.1 million tuned in for "Community." Some blame the holiday week, but both shows have been facing eroding ratings against stiff competition like "The Big Bang Theory" and "American Idol" for some time. They are both beloved comedies, but where are the viewers?

We asked our audience on Tumblr and Twitter if they were still tuning in for "30 Rock," now in its sixth season, and "Community," now in its third, or whether they had given up on the struggling comedies.

On HuffPost TV's Tumblr, starbrows said, "I still watch both! 'Community' because it's getting better and better. I watch '30 Rock' because the jokes are hilarious!"

However, waaastingaway said, "I use [sic] to be huge fans for those shows. I've stopped watching because of the lineup changes and the other 338 shows playing at the same time."

NBC yanked "Community" off the air for three months in December. While it was on hiatus, fans took to social media to show their support for the series. "30 Rock" occupied its 8 p.m. ET timeslot for a while. "'Community' was brilliant last night, better than the other episodes since it came back," Tumblr user bubliya wrote. "'30 Rock' isn't funny anymore. Stale & predictable."

Both shows have devoted followings on social media, many who say they watch the shows online the next day. "I love and still watch them both, but i have neither a TV nor a nielson [sic]," rufustfirefly said on Tumblr.

Many Tumblr users echoed the delayed viewing. "I don't have cable so I watch both on Hulu," accio-blue-box said. "'30 Rock' S6 has proven that it's time for it to go. 'Community' however keeps getting better!"

Readers on Twitter were more divided on the state of "30 Rock" than they were about "Community." Take a look at what they had to say in the slideshow below.

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