Community Cry

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I typically don’t write articles, blogs etc. because like many people my life is filled to capacity with work and life demands. However, as the mother of a Black son living in the United States during such a time as this where we as a nation are experiencing unprecedented civil unrest and a heightened sense of racially motivated hate crimes and I myself begin to lose sight of how Black youths are being treated unjustly, I have to question my own commitment in helping us all come together. Although as human beings our most natural instinct is to defend, fight back or even hate. I ask that we use this time to unify as a people as a nation and as a force against intolerance and hatred to reshape this country into a place where the world can once again admire as an example how civilizations come together and truly become activist for #Blacklivesmatter

“Just when you thought your piercing eyes and divisive ways could intimidate me, the scripture reminds me that No weapons formed against me shall prosper...”excerpt from “Sonnets from My Soul”.

Michelle Taylor-Jones

Author, Sonnets from My Soul