Community Helps Reunite Homeless Man, James Bryan, With Precious Pit Bull, Handover (VIDEO)

This week, a Florida community came together to reunite a homeless man with the dog he calls his "heart and soul."

Handover, a blue pit bull belonging to James Bryan of Hudson, Fla., went missing on the morning of May 8. Carolyn Texter, a friend of Bryan's who works with animal rescues, began spreading the word about the lost pooch through flyers and by promoting a Facebook page called "Help Find Handover," ABC reports.

Friends of Texter's and locals rallied together through the page and even raised money to offer a reward for his return.

The page drew close to 5,000 followers to help bring the dog home.

According to Fox 13, a local couple found Handover shortly after he went missing. They had been caring for him until they saw one of the missing signs posted in the area.

The couple got in touch with Bryan's makeshift search team and on Wednesday, the Facebook page confirmed that he and Handover had been reunited.

"I fell to my knees and started crying like a baby," Bryan told Fox 13. "Of course I'd been bawling for two weeks. Every morning, I'd get up and he's not here. It's like losing one of your kids."

According to the page, the community is now working on finding the pair a more permanent home.

Earlier this month, a group of good Samaritans in Los Angeles took to Facebook to help a homeless man save his sick dog.

Another Facebook group reunited a Georgia man with his dog who'd been missing for months.

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