'Community' Season 4: Cast Releases Message About Delayed Air Date (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Community's' Special Gift To Fans

"Community" was supposed to air on Friday, October 19 ... until NBC announced it was delaying the premiere. However, the cast of the NBC comedy insists the date still means something to them and has released a special video to the dedicated Human Beings.

"October 19 isn't just a date, it's a state of mind," Abed (Danny Pudi) says in the video below as he attempts to explain the date's meaning with Troy (Donald Glover). "October 19 is a feeling within us all. Whenever a kitten tries to crawl into a a cardboard box on YouTube ... Whenever a stranger reaches out his hand to another stranger and says 'Hello brother!"

The stalled "Community" premiere isn't the only shakeup NBC has seen in recent days. The peacock network nixed "Animal Practice" and put "Whitney" -- which also had a delayed premiere date -- in its Wednesday night time slot.

"Whitney" premieres on Wed., Nov. 14 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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'Community' Season 4

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