'Community' Season 5: What Will Abed Do Without Troy? A Romantic Comedy? Yvette Nicole Brown Spills (VIDEO)

"Community" Season 5 is not quite yet in production, but the NBC comedy's star Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley Bennett) stopped by HuffPost Live to address one of fans' biggest concerns about the new season: Donald Glover's (Troy Barnes) departure.

As for how Troy's departure will be handled in "Community" Season 5, Brown's not sure exactly how it will transpire, but she does think some positives could come from it, especially for Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi), Troy's other half.

"I think this is going to be good for Abed. I know on the surface it seems like this is going to destroy him because he had a fit when 'Cougar Town' was canceled initially. So I know that he seems like he's a little unstable when things change, but I think that there's enough of us around him who love him that Abed will understand that Troy needs to grow as well," she said. "And this is me speaking, not knowing how Donald is going to be written off the show, but I think it will be something that will honor their friendship and will help Danny Pudi, who plays Abed, get new bits of things to play. I think it's going to open up a lot of things for him."

Brown also talked about her dream episode for "Community" Season 5, now that Dan Harmon is back. Sky's the limit ... and she's aiming high.

"I would like a romantic comedy," Brown said (below). "I wanted Muppets and we got puppets -- we got that last year. So I would like the whole look of the show to change to primary colors and pinks and greens. And I would love for there to be like some romantic ... you know, like a Meg Ryan movie or a Sandra Bullock movie. I don't know how they'd do that, but I would love a romantic comedy."

Are you sad to see Troy go? What do you think of a romantic comedy episode? What would you like to see on Season 5 of "Community"?

"Community" Season 5 will likely premiere in the winter of 2014.

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