'Community' Season 5 Could Be The Last, Star Jim Rash Hints (VIDEO)

Many fans were pleasantly surprised to hear "Community" would be returning for a Season 5, as were cast members like Joel McHale who called the renewal "unbelievable and fantastic."

But Season 5 may be the last for the troubled NBC comedy.

Jim Rash, who plays Dean Pelton on "Community," stopped by HuffPost Live this week to discuss his new movie "The Way, Way Back," as well as the upcoming season of the show, which will see creator Dan Harmon return as "Community's" showrunner, after being unceremoniously ousted at the end of Season 3, following a high-profile feud with Chevy Chase.

"Having [Harmon] back is just a great way to -- if this is the final 13 [episodes] or whatever it is -- to sort of bookend," Rash said on HuffPost Live. "Maybe that was what lured everyone back was the idea of sort of finishing this whole thing off."

When asked if Season 5 will, in fact, be the end of the road for "Community," Rash said, "We never know. I think it's just one of those shows where it's sort of like, 'We'll see' ... I think we all emotionally prepare [at the end of every season that it could be the last], like, 'We did it! Yay!' Any TV is show is like that -- sometimes, you just don't know and I think us, particularly ... The fans have been what kept us alive at the end of the day, just hardcore, consistent fans."

"Community" Season 5 is likely to debut on NBC in 2014.