Paige Elenson Gave Up Her Job On Wall Street To Start The Africa Yoga Project

Paige Elenson feels that her past work as a consultant on Wall Street has helped her run the Africa Yoga Project, her organization devoted to teaching yoga to Kenyan youth and women.

"My background of being a Wall Street consultant has really informed who I'm being for these young students in Kenya," she told HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani in an interview on Friday.

Elenson still sees herself as an "entrepreneur," but instead of focusing on "making profits," she focuses on "empower[ing] people off the streets and [helping them] make a life ... in the very up-and-coming wellness industry."

"My bottom line is, are these peoples' lives better? Are they better able to live happier and more fulfilled lives?" she said. "I think I'm still an entrepreneur, just with a different bottom line."

Hear the rest of what Elenson has to say in the clip above.