'Community' Stages Thrilling Chase Scene In Giant Blanket Fort (VIDEO)

Last night's episode of "Community" was another slam-dunk for inventive storytelling and creative setpieces. In this episode, Jeff arises the suspicion of the Dean when he claims to be taking an independent study course taught by one Professor Professorson. The Dean naturally looks into the matter, only to discover that the course and the professor are made-up... or are they?

We don't want to spoil the conspiracy theory-homage episode, which is filled with plot twists aplenty. But a highlight of the show was a chase through an enormously elaborate blanket fort, built by Troy and Abed. Seriously, it's probably the biggest blanket fort in TV history, complete with genius levels of creativity and joke commitment rarely seen. Jeff and Annie chase the mysterious Professor Professorson, played by Kevin Corrigan, through the fort, dubbed Fluffytown ("No smoking, no farting, no pillowfighting.")

Check out the chase scene from last night's "Community" below.


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